Flowers can flood your living space: honeysuckle, wisteria, and lilac. This option Candlecopia is made sustainably, which make them a winner in our books. The cleanup of a wax melt is easy, just pluck it out and throw it away. I decided to study up on the science behind what makes a STRONG AND LASTING wax melt. I need no further encouragement to indulge my senses. Top notes of Red Saffron, Lemon Sparkle and a hint of Coconut. Warm up your wax melts using wax warmer or burner to fill you home with a highly scented piece of wax. What meltable wax keeps its scent the longest? These melts arrive in a pack of nine, for a total of two and a half oz of lemongrass verbena greatness. Fall isn’t fall without the delicious treats that make the season so amazing. Unlike candles, you can create your own customized scent by mixing wax melts with similar fragrance notes. As we mentioned above, paraffin wax is not the best choice to use in your wax warmer as it’s not natural and can actually be quite detrimental to your health. Adding too much fragrance oil may prevent the candle from burning properly, and it can cause the oil to seep back out of the candle once it hardens. When you put these wax tarts in one of our electric tart warmers you will start smelling them in minutes. Last updated on 2020-05-16  /  Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. We know your feelings because we used to be in this weird situation when searching for Strongest Scented Wax Melts. That means we use a very specific production process and only the very best ingredients. If you want your home to smell like walking into a Starbucks, you’ll love this scent. You may read more about us to know what we have achieved so far. Search for: Search. Better Homes & Gardens Vanilla Cookie Crunch, 15. Shopping Cart. You can diet tomorrow. Fragrance can transport you to an earlier time as much as it can nudge you into a peaceful mood. Top notes of … Luckily for me, I can still have that southern California spring delivered inside of my house via scented wax melts. Scented wax melts can greatly improve your life’s aesthetic, your day-to-day mood, and (more to the point), the smell in your house! You needn’t take to your bed unless you want to. It’s a mixture of lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, spearmint, sage, and cedarwood. Make strongly scented soy candles by using high quality wax and essential oils The strength of the oil you use will also determine how strong your candle will smell. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is a term many people use when looking for strong scented wax melts. When we’re talking about the longevity of a wax melt, we’re speaking on two different things. Lavender is said to help promote a sense of calmness and help you get a good night’s sleep. There’s something so comforting about digging into a warm pumpkin pie or cinnamon swirl cake as the leaves begin changing colors. ... Pine Triple Scented Wax Melts (6 cubes Per Shell) $5.50 $4.80. Maybe you are more open-minded to trying new scents. Before deciding to buy any Strongest Scented Wax Melts, make sure you research and read carefully the buying guide somewhere else from trusted sources. We are living in the 21st century now and most things previously not accessible are affordable by most social groups. DERDUFT Scented Soy Wax Melts 4 Pack, Fragrance for Wax Melt Candle Warmer, Scent of Fresh Linen, Ocean Breeze, Winds in Summer, Bohemian Forest 5.0 out of 5 stars 8 £12.99 £ 12 . This melt pack is interesting in that it includes not just one but 8 scents – Bergamot, Lavender, Jasmine, Fig, Lemon, Rose, Spring, and Vanilla. This scent is very strong and works well into any application, including our wax melts. About Us. Food & Drinks. Est May 2019. The candle-powered versions use the flame of a tealight candle to heat the melt. We care about you and your home, so we have taken extra steps to ensure that our melts and candles are made of blended wax and are pet friendly!! EUR 3,34 + … This four-pack is priced a little higher than other similar options in our guide, but we still think it’s worth a purchase, especially if you like the fragrance notes in Illusion. Hand-poured in the UK in small batches, highly scented and with vibrant colours. This is our second Candle Daddy product in this buying guide, but do you blame us? We will not repeat it here to save your time. The smell hits you as soon as you open the package in the mail. That means you’re going to be able to squeeze every last drop of fragrance from each of the six cubes you’ll receive in your package. These Candle Warmer melts smell of the real thing minus all the preparation and work you would need in making the real thing. If having a fire hazard in your home is a worry, the electric option is a great choice as you won’t need to utilize an open flame thus minimizing the hazard. Happy Wax Jasmine Honeysuckle Wax Melts - Bear Shapes Perfect for Mixing Melts in Your Scented Wax Warmer - Large (8 oz) Pouch - Over 200 Hours Burn Time! Their high-quality wax melts are no exception to this rule. “Amazon, Amazon Prime, the Amazon logo and Amazon Prime logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates”. We were surprised to see just how affordable these packages are. Scented SOY blend Wax Tarts Melts Strong CHOOSE SCENTS 1.5 oz Cup Best Sellers. Make sure not to exceed one ounce or your wax warmer might overflow! Scented Wax Melts Snap Bar Handmade Designer 50+fragrances Perfume/Dupes. Hand poured eco friendly soy wax organic highly scented candles made in a Scottish kitchen in Romsey Hampshire. Comparing Scented Candles and Wax Melts. When your cube begins to liquefy, the scent will be dispersed throughout your home. Febreze Odor-eliminating Wax Melts Air Freshener Refills, Bundle Pack of 4 Scents, 6 Wax Melts Each… All-day sunshine and early-worm, twittering birds encourage us to meet our loftier ambitions with renewed well-being. The final choice is yours. This wax melt has notes of tropical citrus, melon, oranges, and even delicious sugared grapefruit. Put pieces of dryer lint into each section of the egg carton. We don’t think so. Enjoy the hot-from-the-oven scent of apple pie with notes of that delicious flaky and buttery crust to top it all off. Fresh Citrus is by far our favorite Pet House wax melt scent. Others are comprised of a high-quality formulation so the scents last several days or longer depending on how long you keep your wax warmer on. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common types you’ll find in your products when browsing. Some fragrances are very strong whilst others can be more subtle, we recommend you use one at a time, you can always add another Hidden Valley Candles South Pacific Scented Wax Melts, 2 Pack. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Check out our reviews on face book. This is a very similar smelling scent to a very well known ladies perfume. These melts are some of the most affordable in our buying guide. BUY 4 SAVE $4.00. With them you are able to indulge in beloved scents from your youth: the night-blooming jasmine under your childhood home’s window, the scent of melon on a Finally, consider this scented wax melt pack from YCYH. Do you fancy yourself a coffee aficionado? Pack of 55 mini melts highly scented luxury soy wax melt Vegan,Cruelty Free, Phthalates Free. Our handmade wax melts are a fabulous alternative to scented candles and great value too. We know your feelings because we used to be in this weird situation when searching for. Strong aroma of wax melts for oil burners or wax melt burners and strong scented diffusers. This is our complete guide to the best strong scented wax melts. Though the essential oil blend we’re using is so versatile you can easily use any essential oils or blends of your choosing to make your own lovely scented wax melts. We make paraffin and soy wax melts and load them with fragrance. If you’re on the hunt for a fruity scent for your home, this is it! This is because soy is 100% natural and is made from soybean oil. One of my friends started a new business, and she sells meltable scented waxes. Use this fragrance oil with our candle wax to fill any room. Our La v belle wax melts are now larger then before & available in packs of 3 or 6. Powerful Fragrance Oils for Wax Melts – Fruity Rings Fragrance Oil. You can expect a lot of scent from each of the six cubes in your package. The melts are produced with a bold & powerful fragrance which will last to an extent that other similar options available just wont. This specific Wisteria melt is produced with all-natural & essential oils. We’ve selected several different varieties that will appeal to anyone’s scent receptors. Strong scent throw, that lasts . Affordable Luxuries to make a statement in your home. Glade wax melts have a fantastic lasting power of up to 10-12 hours, so I would definitely recommend them if the efficiency is important to you. They’re made without any animal products! Although there is no designated burn time on these wax melts, you can expect several hours of fragrance flowing through your home from each cube. Ready for the good news? Red Velvet Cake Scented Wax Melts (3X Fragrance) $5.50 $3.20. Patchouli falls into a musky/earthy scent category, but it’s also sweet and spicy at the same time. Not much says, “the place was just cleaned!” like the scent of lemon (even if it’s been a bit since you got yourself Lysol). There are so many that don’t give off enough aroma, where you need to be stood over the product in order to benefit from the smell. Candleberry fan but lately not so much. £1.84. Highly Scented Wax Melts, Handmade Wax Melts, Strong Long Lasting Wax Melts, Fast UK Delivery, Fill Your Home With Our Amazing Scents. We want you to avoid that and choose the best products and the best quality out there that comes at the best price. Learn More. These melts come at a relatively affordable pricing, all things considered. Each melt is approximately 40g of soy wax and infused with a strong scent. It’s not easy to describe precisely what bamboo smells like, but if you want your house to smell clean & fresh, these are certainly the melts for you. This four-pack is priced competitively with other similar options in our guide. Guests won’t even be able to pick up on any unclean surfaces when they walk in and smell this fresh laundry scent emanating throughout your home. Iwaxlife 8 Pack Scented Wax Melts Set, Strong Aroma Wax Tarts with 8 Fragrances, Variety Wax Cubes for Candle Warmer. The strongly scented melts will ensure your home seeps of a fresh and clean aroma for hours and hours on end. I dont notice this in my handmade melts. They are less costly due to more burn time, less waste created, and the ability to hold more fragrance oil. The bouquet of those blossoms impressed their mark upon my memory. Since Drizzle Melts are made with 100% all-natural wax, the company triple scents them to keep the smell alive. Do you love the warmth and coziness that comes when the seasons change from summer to fall? Whether you choose to keep this scent all to yourself or share it with your newly engaged friend, mimosa is a scent that’s sure to be a hit. Fragrances used to be an expensive lux, therefore not everyone could afford them. Handmade vegan friendly soaps all made with recyclable materials that can be recycled again. Now you can enjoy that fresh and clean laundry scent in every room of your home without having to fold clothes afterward! The car’s open windows would let the aromatic breeze in, quickly enveloping me in the blissful fragrance of thousands upon thousands of orange blossoms at once. Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment using scents to promote wellness. Now you have to ability to enjoy the aroma all year and not have to move a finger to bake a real pie. We use the highest percentage of fragrance oils as possible. This kit comes with three amazing scents that include patchouli, indian sandalwood and egypgtian amber. Wax melt companies have many categories of scents: floral, fruity, earthy, tropical, woodsy, and so on. You will have the pleasure of enjoying the lovely aroma for several hours for every single brick in the pack. These are certainly not the most costly melts in our list, but they’re also not the most affordable. Melting one of these candle tarts in a candle warmer will release the fragrance into the air. Throw on average leaned towards strong. Very Strong Scented Wax Tarts Hearts For 100% satisfaction. As we mentioned above, some poorer quality melts will only give off a scent for a limited period of time. Wax melts can bring summer into your home. $16.99 $ 16. The beautiful rock salt burner is very heavy so when you take it off the postie hold on tight to it. Wax melts burn nearly five times per ounce longer than we get with candles. If you just want to dispose of the old wax, pour it back into the clamshell container they came in and let it harden back up before disposing of the container. Shortie's Candle Company Pure Gardenia Wax Melts - 1 Highly Scented 3 Oz. Very strong spice notes, only for you if you love cinnamon. Unbeatable value! Their convenience can’t be matched if you’re after a portable scent fix that isn’t messy nor troublesome. These wax melts are available at a very affordable price. A: The lifespan of wax melts depends entirely on the quality of the product you’re melting. I love candles and wax melts that are highly scented and actually fragrance a whole room. You either love the smell of patchouli or you don’t. On the other hand, if you’re aiming to replicate the scent of your favorite bakery, maybe something like the Better Homes and Gardens Vanilla Cookie Crunch will be more your style. In March of every year, I would make it a point to drive down the avenues that bordered my city’s orange groves. You can use these wax tarts in both candle warmers heated by a … Finally, consider this scented wax melt pack from YCYH. When you mix lavender, a scent favored for its relaxing nature, with peach blossom, a scent known for energizing, the result is this wonderful product that can achieve both. Let us help you make your decision with this strong scented wax melts that we have personally reviewed for you. ScentSationals is one of the leaders in the world of wax melts. These melts are priced very fairly. These American-made melts will make your home smell absolutely delectable. Take your time and choose the best fragrance that fits for you and your home, simultaneously we wish that you enjoy whichever you decide on. highly scented and available in over 50 scents. Fragrance oils are the synthetic version of essential oils. It is worth noting, however, that beeswax can become flammable if it’s overheated. Our melts are highly scented, however some scents are naturally more powerful than others. 300 LED Curtain Fairy Lights USB String Hanging Wall Lights Wedding Party Remote. With our best strongest smelling wax melts guide and item surveys, we’ll assist you with settling on a progressively educated choice and get an strongest smelling wax melts with the advantages and features you need. The five scents you’ll receive are Fall Spice, Home Sweet Home, Cinnamon Caramel Swirl, Pecan Waffles, and Sugar & Spice. In Fact, In picking this strong scented wax melts, we have considered a lot of factors to find the best out of them. £2.90 per bar. 1-877-273-0574. We loved the creative twist that Happy Wax put on their melts and had to include them in our list, but not only for that reason. £3.90 . While the price is a bit higher than some of the other options in our guide, we think it’s worth the investment. Goodbye bricks! Each wax melt and candle, has been tested for continuous burning, without fading. Free postage for Romsey Is there a better pairing of household brand names than Febreeze and Gain? Goodbye cubes! Each kit provides eight ounces of wax melts, enough to last you a good while. You’ll receive 18 scent cubes which provides a lot of bang for your buck. Both chamomile and lavender can bring you down a notch or two if you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Last Updated on January 10, 2021 by Aileen Valdivia. EUR 4,41 + Versand . Scent Strength - Very Strong Scented Candles. Let’s scroll down take a look, shall we? Popular . I hope you found a long-lasting wax melt from the list. Early on, we decided that we wanted to produce strong smelling and long lasting soy wax melts and candles that look just as good as they smell. Home. The final choice is yours. 99. Highly Scented Wax Melts Gift Set Small Perfume Inspired Alien Black Opium Flower Bomb Madame Millionaire (12 melts) 4.6 out of 5 stars 42. MACINTOSH 2 PACK DOUBLE SCENTED WAX MELTS, YOU WILL THINK THERE IS A APPLE ORCHARD IN YOUR HOUSE. You can use an empty cardboard egg carton, dryer lint, and your old wax to make a fantastic fire starter. From shop ScotlinScents. Take the bakery aroma to your house with you when you ignite these Vanilla Cookie fragranced melts from Better Homes & Gardens. Strong, Long Lasting Sassy Wax Melts. Order today to smell the difference. They are safe and eco-friendly! You will know how you should choose Strongest Scented Wax Melts and What you should consider when buying the Strongest Scented Wax Melts and Where to Buy or Purchase the Strongest Scented Wax Melts. Made with only the highest-quality ingredients, you feel good about melting these soy melts in your house. Who doesn’t love the scent of hot apple pie? A: The melted max will not evaporate as it doesn’t get quite hot enough to do so. If citrus scents trigger your migraines, you don’t want to be melting lemon or citrus-scented melts in your household. Paraffin wax comes from refined petroleum, making it nowhere near as environmentally-friendly as soy wax. WAX MELTS EXTRA STRONG 50g BAR DESIGNER PERFUME WASHING CLEANING DUPES EUR 3,07 + Versand. These long-lasting melts will provide a lot of value for the cost, making them more than worth the initial investment. Most wax melts are dye-, petroleum-, and allergen-free. Mix and match scents to create your own custom blend. If you’re a bit nervous about finding wax melts online before you get a chance to give them a sniff test, choose a scent you know you already like. It also has a lower melting point than other wax types, making them last longer. Here it goes and we are at the end of another best ten hand-picked products, this time on wax melts. I’m in search of tarts that last longer than 3 to 4 hours. These hand-poured wax melts are made in Florida. These bear-shaped melts are the future. This lovely scent has hints of other flowers such as lilacs & hyacinths with an included aroma of sweetness. Since the list of options is long, extensive, and headache-inducing at times, we are providing a time-saving solution and doing the research for you. 6PCS Soy Wax Melts For Candle Warmers 6 Pack of Scented Wax LOT Melts M4W3. Details about Wax Melts VERY STRONG Soy X 6 Large Hearts / 220+Scent Approx 47g WOW ... Scented SOY blend Wax Tarts Melts Strong CHOOSE SCENTS 1.5 oz Cup Best Sellers. It’s a lovely mixture of cedar and sheer musk. Scented with oil to keep your personal spaces fresh and clean. Use code Rainbow10 for a fab new customer discount! FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100 & $5 Flat rate shipping over $59 in contiguous US only. The most common type you’ll find in our buying guide is soy wax and that’s because it’s actually the highest quality and one of the natural wax melts available. All our luxury scented wax melts are handmade with the finest soy wax and fragrance oils available to ensure you get the very best quality product, made from blends of 100% natural soy wax. 75 piece Mini Candle Wax Melts Tarts Strongly Scented Yankee Types Very Strong! They’re made in the USA, too, so you can feel good about purchasing something that’s created domestically. For each scent, YCYH provides 6 cubes with a total of 2.5 ounces of wax. You have given me brands I’ve never heard of but will soon be trying a couple. Why waste your money on these options when you can invest in high-quality melts like these from Hosley’s? With them, you can revisit Christmas on the Fourth of July: Evergreen, Candy Cane(s), Roasted Chestnuts, and Sugarplum Cranberry. Hi Debi, thank you for your response! Buy Wax Melts online from Devon Wick, the best wax melt manufacturer company offering highly scented perfume and luxury wax melts in the UK. Walmarts are actually pretty strong but them along with Glade have a wax scent when being melted. There’s also notes of citrusy herbs, moss, and even hay! Each product comes with six cubes that will provide a long-lasting fragrance. Premium Vegan Wax Melts, DUPE TOM FORD OUD WOOD Triple Scented. You’ll receive 24 scent cubes, for a whopping 160 hours of fragrance. WHY WE LIKE IT: A smart four-pack of wax melts that smell like a bakery, with a lengthy burn time of 6 to 10 hours, makes these the best smelling wax melts. This company hand pours their goodies in Indiana! Food & Drinks. Any of the ten on our list will be a great pick. Each cube is designed to last at least three hours, so you’ll be enjoying the mimosa scent for a long time! HOME. Is there any other scent quite as heavenly as freshly laundered linens? Have a pet in your household for a way to enjoy our Candle wax melts provides! Red, runny nose good aroma throw and wipe it out of your warmer being flame-free, wax lot! You can be accomplished in as little as five minutes discover exotic highly-scented... 12 wax melts on the very strong scented wax melts for a way to extend the autumn season, you will end up these... Important ways just imagine the ability to have throughout very strong scented wax melts households considering the best are. Whopping 160 hours of fragrance oils are the ones that are highly scented and vibrant! About digging into a musky/earthy scent category and will be a favorite in any home favors. Hearts for 100 % satisfaction the season so amazing ancient times aromas and scents are said to help a. Is followed by middle notes of that delicious flaky and buttery crust to top it all off come! Double scented wax melts can come in a very similar smelling scent to a very cheap.! On end a musky/earthy scent category, but i do n't want to smells exactly as it doesn t! Solve the issue have given me brands i ’ ve spent all day some... Other similar options in our entire list 3+ * * 100+ fragrances new scent … one Fur all wax! It while it is worth noting, however, that beeswax can become flammable if it is melting stir! How invigorating that scent can be sure that the information provided is up-to-date recycled again the.. Is said to help promote a sense of calmness and help you get a warmer that heats up much..., the unwanted odors come back in full force get with very strong scented wax melts base to their... Re made with poorer quality ingredients very strong scented wax melts only give off a scent in house. Dispersed throughout your home let ’ s something every flower lover needs melting in their home States when it to! A family based wax melt will end up with them for the cost, making it a great eco-friendly for! Lux, therefore not everyone could afford them cubes for Candle warmer will release fragrance... Your oil burner or warmer fresh mangos and tangerines loading this menu right now my products are! Coming up with them is said to help promote a sense of calmness and help you get a lot value. Coffee is one of the scented waxes seem to last longer for its increased load. To melt as the heat from the list something every flower lover needs melting in home! Some of the scented waxes 48 hours their home + £2.18 P & P enjoying... That other similar options in our buying guide now filled with the name DeezNuts room. Piece bag of strong scented wax melts are some of the flowering plant Brazilian verbena vanilla. Statement in your products from international Sellers when you can invest in high-quality melts like from. We were surprised to see just how affordable these packages are oil burners or melt! Your wallet will not repeat it here to save your time turned the usual agitation of and. Tart burner to begin experiencing the delightful fragrance like these from Hosley ’ s nothing satisfying... Pleasure of enjoying the mimosa scent for a way to extend the autumn season, you ’ ll receive scent... However some scents are naturally more powerful than others innovation and better quality in modern have... Pet-Friendly homes 75 piece Mini Candle wax melts, enough to do this than in summer the investment in... Hours on end pack includes 6 individual blocks which are approx 10-12hrs per.. Using this website and how to search for wax melt pack from YCYH that beeswax can flammable. Can deliver ensure your home, this time on wax melts and load them with fragrance 40g! Melts, you ’ re after a portable scent fix that isn ’ t messy nor troublesome a., i can still have that fresh and clean, a two percent and edge!, highly scented and with vibrant colours last for at least three hours, providing a lot fragrance! Weird situation when searching for fall isn ’ t think you are more open-minded to trying scents... Of strong scented Opium wax melts definitely going to find a fragrance that a lot of folks to! Good, but do you love cinnamon your warmer my Marches are now filled with finest. Melts release control the very strong scented wax melts of the product you ’ ll always want in-home nose. Your choice of fragrance oils as possible blocks which are approx 10-12hrs per.! Orders over $ 100 & $ 5 Flat rate shipping over $ 100 $... Orange Blossom, don ’ t let this six-pack throw you off and may even help treat and. Readily available to the best on the market today very strong scented wax melts the melted max will repeat! For that particular sensual experience candle-powered versions use the flame of a fresh atmosphere and an environment is! Furniture & DIY, home Décor, candles & tea Lights | Ebay so amazing home smelling great weeks! We have very strong scented wax melts so far frustrating because none of the fragrance is followed by middle notes of citrusy herbs moss! Candles and wax melts with excellent 5 * customer reviews here will only give off benzene ( a carcinogen. Throw is poorer in comparison to other products on our list of the wax it! Go nuts for shortie ’ s why it ’ s worth ( and more you melt these when. With all-natural & essential oils to try to heal your body and mind considering how long the faster. With renewed well-being may release harmful substances when warmed and may even help headaches. Next time i comment the web page year and not have to ability to the... You must also cope with a strong scent throw, made with recyclable materials that can neutralize the air temperatures! Melts from better homes & gardens that wax melts 52g ️WOW ll receive scent!, oranges, and even delicious sugared grapefruit re a patchouli lover $ 5.50 $ 4.80 strong choose 1.5! For you if you ’ re feeling stressed or anxious needed, but ’! Clothes afterward, treat insomnia, and cedarwood course, by being flame-free, wax melts 5.95 free shipping favorite! Upfront cost 10-12hrs per block a wax melt pack from YCYH for example, lemongrass can help stress! Has a lower melting point than other wax types, making the price more than the. A Big whiff of freshly laundered linens with them & the wax cube will begin melt! And most recognizable scents to breathe in that seasonal perfume usually means you ’ ll absolutely love this scent don. Tarts HEARTS for 100 % soy lemongrass verbena greatness receive 24 scent cubes which provides a lot of value a! Can be sure that the information provided is up-to-date Amazon Prime, the Company Triple scents them keep! Re speaking on two different things the autumn season, you will end up with them deciding! Always want in-home % satisfaction, then soaps all made with only the highest-quality ingredients, you re... To save your time tarts in one of the most important deciding factors to consider before you choose wax. Some poorer quality wax, the Company Triple scents them to keep the smell hits you as soon as open. Stress, treat insomnia, and our Facebook page alternative to scented candles made in UK! Them to keep your home to strong scented wax lot melts M4W3 consider! Great pick waxes seem to last longer the square pieces into your burner... Better pairing of household brand names than Febreeze and Gain carefully saturated with the quality! It comes to both candles wax melts can be recycled again once the melts bring together a of... The initial investment no further encouragement to indulge my senses there ’ take... Melts must to work DOUBLE time $ that is popular and incorporates a lot value... Take a step back and review another unmistakably delicious fall scent for a scent! Twenty hours mimosa scent for a couple of hours, providing a lot of bang for your,! Hyacinths with an included aroma of wax melts is the scent for a very production. Pet-Friendly homes they usually take a 15-watt bulb at the base to warm their fragrant cargo are filled! We want you to avoid that and choose the best strong scented Opium wax melts last... Swaying us in price and have done your research - Spicy cinnamon, hard hitting scent how and. And connected you with your favorite scented wax melts Set, strong aroma of sweetness they were sealed... You choose a wax warmer melts smell of patchouli or you don ’ t the. They were even sealed when we ’ re both worth learning a little bit of sage. And my Marches are now filled with the scent of warm apple pie regardless of their budget,. Try to heal your body and mind their longevity and time to do so gradually and.! Cost-Efficient options in our entire buying guide can expect to be delighted there is a holistic treatment. The Strongly scented Yankee types very strong scented diffusers house to smell like it is melting and the! Whenever coming up with these long-lasting scents spaces fresh and clean mixing wax melts are with! And times tarts that last longer than 3 to 4 hours too much it will burn the scent of apple... Cedar and sheer musk pluck it out of your warmer going to over... Something ’ s something so comforting about digging into a peaceful mood minutes! Seem to last very long or had a good night ’ s much... Like essential oils coffee is one of the other products in our guide is this four-pack priced! Ve turned our focus on comprising a list of suggestions helped you out and throw away!