Example Web Components MDN When the shadow root is attached that is how the element gets its shadow DOM. Let’s look at the combined-demo.html page source code . We then move on to talk about why Ionic have chosen to rebuild their components as Web Components and the benefits they are seeing from making this move. A Shadow root is a document fragment that gets attached to the host element. Now that you know everything there is to know about why you should pursue a Node js course and a bit about the course itself, it is time for you to decide whether you are ready to embark on a journey full of exciting technological advancements and power to create fast, scalable and lightweight network applications. It has an ever-expanding list of applications and is one of the hottest languages in the ICT world. Won’t it be good if we can keep our template in a separate file? This fragment returned is called as Shadow Root. HTML imports allow to import templates from different HTML files. The two goals are complementary. It allows to isolate DOM of our component and scope and simplify CSS. The image urls are fetched from the data-images attribute set to the element. This is primarily driven by the changing landscape of web architecture. But what if the HTML markup is quite large, your HTML file will look shabby. As a first step, we embed the data in the page using a JSON-LD script: Autonomous custom elements are new HTML tags, defined entirely by the author. Video has