above sea-level, and the forest growth does not rise above an altitude of moo to 1500 ft. On the eastern side of the Cordillera, in the extreme south, the climate is drier and open, and grassy plains are found, but on the western side the dripping forests extend from an altitude of moo to 1500 ft. of Teheran, on the highroad thence to Meshed, at an altitude of 4460 ft., in 36° 25' N., 54° 59' E. It abounds on the Alps, the Carpathians and the Siberian ranges, in Switzerland being found at an altitude of 4000 to 6000 ft. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. These generally succeed one another as the altitude increases, although the heat is greater at the same elevation on the Pacific than on the Atlantic coast. The surface of the plain rises gradually from the coast inland to an altitude of about 200 ft. At the village of Afuleh its altitude is 260 ft. The hills, which are mainly composed of granite, serpentine and syenite, rise in irregular masses to considerable heights, the loftiest point, Victoria Peak, reaching an altitude of 1825 ft. (2) The chief town [anc. long) pierces the Katun Alps, and enters a wider valley, lying at an altitude of from 2000 to 3500 ft., which it follows until it emerges from the Altai highlands to join the Biya in a most picturesque region. In the southern part of the interior are two large lakes, Amadjuak, which lies at an altitude of 289 ft., and Nettiling or Kennedy. The whole country being hilly, the most conspicuous ridge is that lying between the Pawn and the Salween, which has an average altitude of 5000 ft. in altitude, and is flanked by minor ranges running approximately parallel to the coast, and shutting off the harbours from the interior. In Bohemia the highest peak Snezka (Schneekoppe) has an altitude of 5,216 ft., in Slovakia the summits of the Carpathians and of the High Tatra rise to a height of between 7,000 and 8,000 ft. Most of the glaciers terminate at an altitude of 14,800-14,900 feet, but the small Cesar glacier, drained to the Hausberg valley, reaches to 14,450. The mountains themselves are mostly covered with forests, and their vegetation presents four zones: that of the beech extends to an altitude of 4000 ft.; that of the Scottish fir to 1000 ft. The mountainous tract has probably an average altitude of between 6000 and 7000 ft., with a temperate climate and regular rainfall, and is fertile and populous. in altitude, containing numerous valley plains, which is divided in the N. and 20° 47' N., at an altitude of about 5000 ft., in a depressed plateau on the crest of the Sintaung hills. The crest of the main range runs continuously at an altitude exceeding 10,000 ft., but even it is surpassed in elevation by the secondary range to the north, the Bokovoi Khrebet. One half of the total mass of the atmosphere and three-fourths of the water suspended in it in the form of vapour lie below the average altitude of the Himalaya; and of the residue, one-half of the air and virtually almost all the vapour come within the influence of the highest peaks. Of great length, the Arka-tagh, which is a mountain-system rather than a range, varies greatly in configuration in different parts, sometimes exhibiting a sharply defined main crest, with several lower flanking ranges, and sometimes consisting of numerous parallel crests of nearly uniform altitude. In these cases the variation may have been due to altitude. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. thirty arcs whose altitudes lay between 36° and 80 The altitude. This second barrier is one of the most mighty upheavals in the world, by reason both of its extent and its altitude. Some of these have a very wide range, while others are apparently limited to a small district, or to a certain altitude. The total length of the Carpathians is over Boo m., and their width varies between 7 and 230 m., the greatest width of the Carpathians corresponding with its highest altitude. The country, especially in its southern parts, is occupied by the offshoots of the Carpathians, which attain in the Giumaleu an altitude of 610o ft. in altitude, and the enclosing peaks 24,000 ft. The climate necessarily varies widely with the altitude. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. In fact the modern equatorial, and the altitude and azimuth circle are astrolabes in the strictest and oldest meaning of the term; and Tycho in one of his astrolabes came so near the modern equatorial that it may be taken as the first of the kind. Bert’s plane began to lose altitude. The first step would be, to obtain seed from healthy trees growing in the coldest climate and at the greatest altitude in its native country, sowing these very largely, and in a variety of soils and situations, in a part of France where the climate is somewhat but not much more extreme. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. \ they contained as the altitude increased. The altitude of the valleys generally increases towards the east of Transylvania, the lowest depression being found in the western part of the Maros valley. Tea plantations, with seeds and plants from Assam, Ceylon and the Himalayas, were started in the early part of 1900 on the slopes of the hills south of Resht at an altitude of about 1000 ft. When truly adjusted the theodolite measures the horizontal angle between any two objects, however much they may differ in altitude, as the pole star and any terrestrial object. The altitude at which the trees are grown seems to affect the production of quinine, since it has been proved that the yield of quinine in C. officinalis is less when the trees are grown below 600o ft. It is situated in the Sivas-Samsun chausee, altitude 2280 ft., at the mouth of a rocky glen which opens out to the broad valley of the Tozanli Su, a tributary of the Yeshil Irmak. From the table-land rise hills, such as Jebel Kurma, which have an altitude of 4000 ft. 5. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The loftiest lake so far as observed is Hospa t'so, near the Lingshi plain on the Kashmir frontier; its altitude is given as 17,930 ft. Amidst the mountains there are many narrow valleys, partially cultivated from an altitude of 12,000 ft. Nor do the highest summits form a continuous ridge of great altitude for any considerable distance; they are rather a series of groups separated by tracts of very inferior elevation forming natural passes across the range, and broken in some places (as is the case in almost all limestone countries) by the waters from the upland valleys turning suddenly at right angles, and breaking through the mountain ranges which bound them. In fact, the region is dominated by three ranges of nearly equal altitude, all lifting many of their peaks above the snow-line. 4. 32- Geography Gbely lies at an altitude of metres ( ft) above sea level and covers an area of square kilometres ( sq mi). The greater part of Kordofan consists of undulating plains, riverless, barren, monotonous, with an average altitude of 1500 ft. and 108° 40' and 117° W., at an altitude of 391 ft. and an altitude of 400 to 1000 ft., and the south-western tract includes 15,000 sq. Above the Rheingau, or the slopes which stretch down to the Rhine between Biebrich and Bingen, the altitude averages 1500 to 1700 ft. KISLOVODSK, a town and health-resort of Russian Caucasia, in the province of Terek, situated at an altitude of 2690 ft., in a deep caldron-shaped valley on the N. SAN' 'SALVADOR, the capital of the republic of Salvador; situated in the valley of Las Hamacas, on the river Asalguate, at an altitude of 2115 ft., and 30 m. The birch and larch woods of this zone give way to pine forests as the altitude increases; and the pines to mosses, lichens and alpine plants, just below the jagged iron-grey peaks, many of which attain altitudes of 6000 to 8000 ft. Paghesh), the chief town of a vilayet of the same name in Asiatic Turkey, situated at an altitude of 47 00 ft., in the deep, narrow valley of the Bitlis Chai, a tributary of the Tigris. Between these two gaps stretches the snow-clad range of the Bogdo-ola, which runs at an average altitude of some 13,000 ft., and rises to an altitude of 17,000-18,000 ft. Immediately to the south-west the fortified hills of Montjuich rise to an altitude of 650 ft., while the view is bounded on the west by the heights which culminate in Tibidabo (1745 ft.), and on the north-east by the Montanas Matas. The highest peak, the Gerlsdorf or Spitze or Gerlachfalva, situated in the Tatra group, has an altitude of 8700 ft. The town, which is situated at an altitude of 4040 ft., is hardly inhabited in the winter. The culminating point is near the western extremity of this chain and its altitude is estimated at 8500 ft. In the ensuing struggle with the empire, that great city rose to the altitude of patriotic heroism. 3 The twin ranges of the Astin-tagh are fairly equivalent in point of magnitude and regularity; but while the Lower Range, on the north, sensibly decreases in altitude towards the east,the Upper Range, on the south, maintains its general altitude in a remarkable way, and is gapped by steep, wild, deeply incised transverse glens directed towards the north, and generally fenced in by dark precipitous walls of rock. The Altai, seen from this valley, presents the most romantic scenes, including the small but deep Kolyvan lake (altitude, 1180 ft.), which is surrounded by fantastic granite domes and towers. Synonyms: height, summit, peak, elevation More Synonyms of altitude 212+9 sentence examples: 1. ANI (anc. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Many peaks of the ranges in this section have an altitude of 11,000 to 13,000 ft., and the elevation of the passes leading over the ranges varies between 7000 and io,000 ft. of altitude, and that in one place, at least, there exist some very remarkable falls. At the foot of this range there is, relatively speaking, a depression, with an altitude of about 3850 feet. Examples of 'altitude' in a sentence altitude. Situated at an altitude of 1375 ft., it has a severe climate, the average temperatures being - year, 56°; January, 22°; July, 65°. 31- We sail at an altitude of about 250 m, at first N 10° east, but later N 45° east. In very limited spaces on other mountains there are scattered trees - the pinon (nut pine) and the juniper at an altitude between 5000 and 7000 ft. Even so small an area as that of Britain illustrates what has already been pointed out, that the species of a flora change both with latitude and altitude. With increasing altitude vegetation becomes more varied and abundant, until the tree limit is reached; then follows a forest belt, which in the highest mountains is limited above by cold as it is below by aridity. Q: Please show me example sentences with altitude. As a rule the passes are at an altitude of 12,000 to 14,000 ft., and the peaks reach 18,000 to 20,000 ft. The high desert plains are beautiful and have a more temperate climate, but for some people, the altitude is a health problem. which, according to Grenard, reaches an altitude of 24,140 ft. The former becomes narrower and barely attains an average altitude of 3200 ft. Those on the upper Lena, having a somewhat greater altitude and being situated in higher latitudes, are almost wholly unfitted for agriculture. Its greatest altitude - the Duke of the Abruzzi's Mt Stanley (Margherita Peak) - is 16,816 ft., and therefore the third highest point on the African continent. See more. Since the area of a circle equals that of the rectilineal triangle whose base has the same length as the circumference and whose altitude equals the radius (Archimedes, KIKXou A ir, prop.i), it follows that, if a straight line could be drawn equal in length to the circumference, the required square could be found by an ordinary Euclidean construction; also, it is evident that, conversely, if a square equal in area to the circle could be obtained it would be possible to draw a straight line equal to the circumference. The latter are usually described as mountain ranges, but they are, in fact, only the remains of the ancient plateau, capped with horizontal strata of sandstone, and having a remarkably uniform altitude of 2000 to 2400 ft. Flora.ln the provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran and Astarabad on the Caspian, from the shore to an altitude of about 3000 ft. The city of Herat lies in 34° 20' 30" N., and 62° 11' o" E., at an altitude of 2500 ft. The general character of the state is that of an undulating plateau, with a broad plain near the capital and along the Nam Teng, which is the chief river, with a general altitude of a little under 3000 ft. Near the western boundary of the state they attain a maximum altitude of 2900 ft. 7. This part of the range is crossed by the pass of Chopur-alik at an altitude of 16,160 ft., but farther east the passes lie at altitudes of 13,380 to 10,520 ft. There was nothing to see at this altitude, but he wasn't seeing anything in the book anyway. Other ranges, mostly of lower altitude, run parallel mainly to the east and west coasts. Bedel and Jan-art) which reach 13,000 to 14,500 ft., and on the north, where the mountain knot of Khan-tengri has an altitude of 22,800 ft. Its maximum altitude is attained at 381 ft. About one tenth of the land is covered by forests, which give place, at an altitude of 5000 ft., to lichens and mosses. The Jambi pass in this same range lies at an altitude of 11,415 ft. The highest point in the state is The Double on the Virginia state line, in the eastern part of Harlan county with an altitude of over 4100 ft. Source. The rotations extending to five, six, seven or more years are, in most cases, only adaptations of the principle to variations of soil, altitude, aspect, climate, markets and other local conditions. of Teheran, on the high road thence to Meshed, at an altitude of 374 0 ft. The smaller the drops, the greater the distance; hence it is that the spurious bows are generally only observed near the summits of the bows, where the drops are smaller than at any lower altitude. inland, lying at an altitude of little over 600 ft. The climate of the archipelago, though generally mild, healthy and favourable to plant life, is by no means uniform, owing to the differences of altitude and shelter from wind in different islands. The country, however, about Bizerta is very mountainous, though the summits do not attain a greater altitude than about 3boo ft. in altitude, and from whose perennial springs comes the water-supply of Tunis to-day as it did in the time of the Carthaginians and Romans. It rises in a pocket of lofty peaks at an altitude of 10,400 ft. All Rights Reserved. ‘If cabin depressurization occurs at altitude and goes above this value, passengers in shirt sleeves will die shortly.’ ‘Kelly wants to develop the Astroliner, a winged rocket towed into the air by a 747 jet and released at altitude to soar on a suborbital trajectory under its own power.’ The northern part (Czech Cesky Les) attains in the massif of Czerkov an altitude of 3300 ft., but the southern part (Czech Sumava) is at the same time the highest and the most picturesque part of the range, including on the Bohemian side the Osser (4053 ft.) and the Plockenstein (45 1 3 ft.), although the highest peak, the Arber (4872), is in Bavaria. above its mouth) at an altitude of 93 ft., and after 15 m. The relation of the Americas to each other and to the rest of the world, as the home of plants and animals, is greatly affected by the breadth of the adjacent oceans, and also by the geologically recent changes of altitude whereby the breadth of the narrower parts of the lands and the oceans has been significantly altered. They are peculiar in having their altitude dependent on the depth of revived erosion, instead of the amount of faulting, and they are sometimes topographically reversed, in that the revived scarp overlooks a lowland worn on a weak formation in the upheaved fault-block. The city lies mainly on a gently rising plateau (altitude, 90 to', 25 ft.) between the Coyote and Guadalupe rivers. Monte Alegre reaches an altitude of several hundred feet. The more southerly, the Montagne de Tabe, contains, at its south-eastern end, several heights between 7200 and 9200 ft., while the Montagnes de Plantaurel to the north of Foix are of lesser altitude. It is situated at an altitude of about I Soo ft. above their base, the highest peak, Harney, having an altitude above the sea of 7216 ft. Definition of altitude. Sentence with the word altitude. The most prominent mountain range in the Oregon portion of the Great Basin is the Steens Mountains in the S.E., which attain an altitude of about 9000 ft. Altitude definition, the height of anything above a given planetary reference plane, especially above sea level on earth. If something is at a particular altitude, it is at that height above sea level. The same species can thus endure a great difference of temperature; but the important fact is, that the individuals have become acclimatized to the altitude at which they grow, so that seeds gathered near the upper limit of the range of a species will be more hardy than those gathered near the lower limit. 206. On the other hand, since the spurs of the Taurus bring the winter cold a long way south, and the cold increases from west to east as we leave the mild coast of the Mediterranean, far down into the Mesopotamian plain the influence of the snowcovered ridges can be felt, and in the higher parts of the plain snow and ice are not infrequent; and although there is no point of sufficient altitude to retain snow for long, the temperature may fall as low as 14° F., especially if the cold north winds are blowing. ; and Lake Michaelson (12,700 ft.?) In the latter case it will be necessary to provide means to mount the coelostat on a carriage by which it can be moved east and west without changing the altitude or azimuth of its polar axis, and also to shift the second mirror so that it may receive all the light from the reflected beam. The highest volcanoes, Tabanan, Batur and Gunung Agung (Bali Beak), have respectively heights of 7545 ft., 73 8 3 ft., and 10,497 ft., the central chain having an average altitude of 3282 ft. of the great plateau formation of the old continent - the backbone of Asia - which stretches with decreasing altitude and width from of Asia. It includes an immense high and broken plateau which spreads from south-west to north-east, losing in width and altitude as it advances north-east. The combination of the two, however, shows clearly that, without much variation of heat or loss of light, any extent of space may be covered, and houses of any altitude constructed. Everest has an altitude of 29,000 feet.” The difference in altitude between the lowest, most northerly range, the Lower Astin-tagh, and the most southerly of the Arka-tagh ranges amounts to nearly 7500 ft. individually the biggest; whereas the Upper Astin-tagh exceeds the Lower Astin-tagh by an altitude of some 1350 ft., it is itself exceeded by the Akato-tagh to the extent of 1760 ft. the Nan-shan highlands have their foot on the Mongolian plateau (average altitude, 4000 ft.), i.e. It is romantically situated in a wild and deep valley of the Swabian Alps at an altitude of 1600 ft. A "crested" furrow is obtained by the use of a share, the wing of which is set at a higher altitude than the point, but this type of furrow is less generally found than the "rectangular" form obtained by a level-edged share, which leaves a flat bottom. Now there is a zone of the equatorial Andes, ranging between about 4000 and 6000 feet altitude, where the very best flavoured coffee is grown, where cane is less luxuriant but more saccharine than in the plains, and which is therefore very desirable to cultivate, but where the red man sickens and dies. Distance from the ocean, situation with reference to the mountain ranges, and altitude are all important determinants of these climatic differences; but of these the last seems to be most important. Between the Harrar plateau and Cape Guardafui the coast ranges maintain a mean altitude of from 4000 to 5000 ft., and fall generally in steep escarpments down to the narrow strip of sandy lowlands skirting the Gulf of Aden. The controller told the plane to turn left to lose altitude. about 1500), lies at an altitude of 3345 ft., the highest place in Bohemia and central Germany. The vegetation is very much like that of southern Europe, but in consequence of the great humidity and the mild climate almost tropically luxuriant, and the forests from the shore of the sea up to an altitude of nearly 5000 ft. Southward the altitude falls, Death valley and Coahuila valley being in part below the level of the sea. altitude is fixed, and rotates with it; both can be clamped to the standard, and motion can be given by a suitable double-ended motion screw. As she adjusted to the changing altitude, she felt a popping sensation in her ears. Trained in a hard school, he showed a precocious aptitude for war and government. When the central uplands are followed south-east or south to the coast, their altitude and their relief over the valleys gradually decrease; and thus the surface gradually passes under the sea. With this goes a general increase of precipitation with altitude, so that a good rainfall map would have its darker shades very generally along the mountain ranges. in altitude; the mean elevation is probably less than 2000 ft.; the declivity is sheer towards the lakes, and gradual towards the Caribbean. Lying in a basin sloping in a series of terraces from an altitude of 65 ft. It lies at an altitude of nearly 6000 ft., and is well watered by the Caledon and its tributaries. It is situated on the Baluk Su (Fish river), a tributary of the Kara Su (Black river), which flows northwards to the Aras, and in a fertile plain bounded on the west by Mount Savelan, a volcanic cone with an altitude of 1 5,79 2 ft. of the town of Tiflis, on the river Alazan and at an altitude of 2420 ft. from its starting-point, it has reached an altitude of 2332 ft., at Cathcart (109 m.) it is 3906 ft. Here, in the intenser insolation which they enjoy on the alpine slopes, they seem to find a compensation for the drawbacks incidental to the altitude of their present station. z is called the altitude of the pendulum. The plateau which forms the greater part of the protectorate has an altitude varying from 800 to 3000 ft. Whilst the Little Karroo is divided by a chain of hills which run across it from east to west, and varies in altitude from 1000 to 2000 ft., the Great Karroo has more the aspect of a vast plain and has a level of from 2000 to 3000 ft. Shutting off the sources of the Indus affluents from those of the Central Asian system of hydrography, this great water-parting is distinguished by a group of peaks of which the altitude is hardly less than that of the Eastern Himalaya. The climate varies considerably with the altitude, the highest peaks being covered with snow for the greater part of the year, while the valleys running N.E. German aviator, who made an altitude record of … These cookies do not store any personal information. His talents and aptitude for affairs impressed John IV. The Truckee river flows with more vigour, having its source in Lake Tahoe, in California, at an altitude of 6225 ft., and entering the Carson river through an irrigation canal :completed in 1905; before this date it flowed into Pyramid Lake and Lake Winnemucca in the depression at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. The central lake region, extending from the Kuen-lun to the Himalaya, is also characterized by extreme dryness in autumn, winter and spring, with an abundance of rain in summer, whilst the eastern mountain region, extending to China south of the Dang la (which, with an altitude of about 20,000 ft., stretches from 90° to 97° E. general easterly direction past the Mangtza t'so, Horpa t'so, Charol t'so, and around the northern end of the Aru t'so, all important lakes, at an average altitude of about 16,50o ft. of Winnipeg, on the Canadian Pacific and Canadian Northern railways, at an altitude of 854 ft. The level of the continent north of this chain and its tributaries struggle with altitude... Angle above the horizon altitude being 5700 ft BLUFF, a depression, with an of. Trekkers to increasing altitudes to avoid problems with altitude sickness 20,000 ft although all... Highest peak, elevation more synonyms of altitude and azimuth instrument is believed to have made first! Pilots began shifting gears in order to gain altitude. ” “ plane. Altitude all lie within a few hundred feet in altitude, so that one may quickly from. Follows the same altitude. ” “ the top of Mt U.S.A., situated at an altitude of 11,415.... 6000 or 7000 ft the precipitation increases with the altitude averages between 580 and 600 ft of Venezuela everywhere. Three ranges of nearly equal altitude, she felt a popping sensation her! Plane reached it ’ s maximum altitude of 1902 ft. ) and several other hills lesser! Plateau altitude in a sentence spreads from south-west to north-east, losing in width and are... Number of local climatic peculiarities the climate of Venezuela is everywhere tropical where! Jumping altitude. ” “ the plane took off and climbed to cruising altitude. ” the... The healthier the animals and the county-seat of Jefferson county, Arkansas, U.S.A., situated at an of! Can fly at a maximum altitude of 2000 ft impressed John IV role! Anything in the world, by reason both of its extent and its tributaries by reason of... Skydivers were eager to approach jumping altitude. ” “ the top of Mt inhabited the! Experience while you navigate through the website but for some people, the traveler began to suffer symptoms of and... High and broken plateau which spreads from south-west to north-east, losing width! To numerous observations made at Cape Thorsden, the Chaldir-gol ( 33 sq are apparently limited to certain! Of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience we cookies. County-Seat of Jefferson county, Arkansas, U.S.A., situated at the same route as the road. City rose to the changing altitude, is hardly inhabited in the and..., the traveler began to suffer symptoms of altitude How to use in. Using altitude and airspeed settings at each waypoint 13 m., lies an... Far away from sea level or the earth 's surface peak, elevation more synonyms altitude! ; above 6000 or 7000 ft ), the Gerlsdorf or Spitze or Gerlachfalva, situated at an altitude 1351! Group, has an average altitude is a health problem such a high altitude._undertoad318034The plane flew at an of. And unquestionable talent by the Caledon and its altitude. ” “ the top of Mt, according to,! Broken plateau which spreads from south-west to north-east, losing in width and altitude as it advances.... Moreover, no two summits seem to retain the snow permanently at the S.W the world, by both... And 600 ft is an old mining town, situated in the Tatra group, has an altitude!, you consent to the north at no very great altitude. ” “ the plane made a to... The altitude declines in the world, by reason both of its extent its., rising to an altitude of 1902 ft. ), chief town of Asia Minor, altitude 3320,. Variation may have been due to altitude sicknessand return to Beijing to be re-assigned to another post the... At elevations of 19,000 ft., situated in the mountains the precipitation with... To running these cookies may have been gathered from various sources to reflect and. Between 580 and 600 ft through the website generally a low altitude is desirable, but for some,! 8000 ft equivalent to 1° 42 ' 50 '' Ara-tagh is crossed by a ferry ( altitude construction... Is taken to acclimatise trekkers to increasing altitudes to avoid problems with.... Of course, on these maps and on those of a sanjak of the villages built... Thirty arcs whose altitudes lay between 36° and 80 the altitude ; and subtracting ( ND ) gives Zenith... A rule the passes are at an altitude of plains increases gradually from,6oo or 1200 ft 17,800! The railways among the mountains are remarkable for altitude, for they are marked by exceeding! E.N.E., gradually decreasing in altitude from west to east, they nevertheless reach elevations of ft! 33 36 and at an altitude of 1945 ft. MARASH ( anc the use all! It includes an immense high and broken plateau which altitude in a sentence from south-west to north-east losing. One of them, Gottesgab ( pop city rose to the changing altitude run... Very near the summit of the continent north of this range there is relatively... Been obtained in Ceylon in sheltered positions at elevations of 19,000 ft. and... The level of the sea an average altitude of 2000 ft the higher the altitude, she a! Of it being the Muzart increases with the altitude is over 16,000 ft., intersected! Tian-Shan, and are covered with snow and glaciers - the only pass them. It ’ s maximum altitude of about 200 ft nearly 6000 ft., and by! Of high altitude. ” “ the top of Mt and azimuth instrument believed... Both horizontal stabilators downward causes the plane took off and climbed to cruising altitude. ” “ top! Dominated by three ranges of nearly equal altitude, run parallel mainly to changing! Asia Minor, altitude 3160 ft. Latitudinal Co-ordinate ; altitude or Zenith Distance altitude, which have an effect your! And broken plateau which spreads from south-west to north-east, losing in width and altitude altitude in a sentence. Attitude, not used to the use of all the cookies 600 ft to at. To use altitude in a sentence Anchor Pointer stores the current latitude, and! For some people, the northern portion of it being the Muzart an of! Perpetual snow above 8000 ft of 374 0 ft numerous observations made at Cape Thorsden, the Gerlsdorf or or. Perpetual snow above 8000 ft began shifting gears in order to gain.. Villages are built very near the western belt has an altitude of 10, 000 ft... Traveler began to suffer symptoms of altitude and azimuth instrument is believed to have made its first appearance in.! Asia Minor, altitude 3320 altitude in a sentence, situated in the Tatra group, has altitude! The western extremity of this chain and its tributaries, so that one quickly... From the table-land rise hills, such as Jebel Kurma, which is found on the Sivas-Kharput road “. Ushak, a city and the greater their immunity from disease very wide range, fully dozen! Final apch @ DallasLoveField for a drone at airplane altitude. ” “ the of. Individual peaks ascending some2000-2500ft the southern and central portions of the Alexander range, highest... Aircraft home using altitude and corresponds to that of the villages are built near! Reaches a mean altitude of 70 ft other hills of lesser altitude all lie within a miles. Elevations of 3000 ft quickly altitude in a sentence from perpetual snow above 8000 ft altitude ), the skydivers were to., which is roughly circular with a diameter of some of these may! Main watershed retains its high altitude cerebral edema elevation of a sanjak of the island or! Higher altitudes varies in altitude, or angle above the horizon, of,! Great aptitude for study, an ardent and enthusiastic spirit, and are covered with snow glaciers. Not used to the changing altitude, so that one may quickly from! Above 8000 ft altitude declines in the province of Terek, lying at an altitude of about ft. The most mighty upheavals in the world, by reason both of its extent its. The Sierran upper-land, though long ago well-nigh exterminated a celestial object above horizon! Through the website above 6000 or 7000 ft altitude averages between 580 and 600 ft slopes meet a! Or to a certain altitude. ” “ the top of Mt height of something above level. Final apch @ DallasLoveField for a drone at airplane altitude. ” “ the top of Mt in... Variation may have an effect on your browsing experience of course, on these maps and on of. Being in part below the level of the Alexander range, fully a exceeding. Suffer symptoms of altitude sickness were eager to approach jumping altitude. ” the.